ArchaeOman is a cross-project information platform for the field of Near Eastern Archaeology with the emphasis on Oman. It makes web-based content equally accessible to scholars and the interested public. The term ArchaeOman is derived from the Greek root archaeo (from Ancient Greek ἀρχαῖος archaios), which means "old" or "ancient", and Oman, which expresses the regional context to the Sultanate of Oman on the Arabian Peninsula.

ArchaeOman is, in the first instance, meant to complement the existing and planned academic publications (articles, chapters in edited volumes and monographs) with digital material. These are especially 3D models, panorama views and web GIS applications. They should not only contribute to archaeological research but also offer illustrative materials to the general public. In addition, short summaries of the results of the research are included.

The following projects are presented:

Bat (2010–2015), Al-Ayn (2010–2011), Al-Zebah (2011–2014), Al-Khubayb (2015), Muhaliyah (2016), Lizq (2017), the reuse of tombs (2015–2017), Tawi Said (2018), Al-Khashbah (since 2015), the Al-Mudhaybi Survey (since 2019), as well as UmWeltWandel (since 2020).



29.03.2024: An article about the UmWeltWandel project entitled "Leben mit dem Verschwinden des Wassers – Wie Menschen in der Bronzezeit mit Umweltveränderungen umgingen" has been published in Antike Welt.

05.02.2024: In January, a touring exhibition on past environmental change opened in Tübingen and will then travel to Frankfurt, Mainz and Göttingen.

10.11.2023: From 6 to 8 November, the University of Tübingen hosted an international conference entitled "Human-Environment Interactions in Ancient Arabia".

20.02.2023: On 26 February, an exhibition on the archaeology and environment of the Al-Mudhaybi region was opened at the Municipality's banqueting hall.

22.12.2022: The UmWeltWandel project has created a comic book for children that can be viewed online and downloaded.

08.12.2021: Archaeopress has published the first of the final publications about the research in Al-Khashbah, available both in print and Open Access.

05/11/2021: The workshop "Surveying Oman - Methods of Archaeologcial Exploration in Eastern Arabia" was held at Goethe University Frankfurt with international participants.

06/08/2021: The second of the final publications about the research in Bat and Al-Ayn has been published by Archaeopress, available both in print and Open Access.

09/11/2020: The first of two final publications about the research in Bat and Al-Ayn has been published by Archaeopress, available both in print and Open Access.

05/11/2020: A report on the survey at Tawi Said has been published in the Mitteilungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft.

27/10/2020: A report on two stamp seals from Tawi Said has been published in the Journal of Oman Studies.

19/10/2020: From November 1st, the BMBF is funding a new joint research project dealing with environmental changes and the way of life in the central Oman.

13/10/2020: A report on the Lost Cities project has been published in the Berliner Tagesspiegel.

27/07/2020: Another report about the Al-Mudhaybi Regional Survey appeared in the Newsletter of the German-Omani Association.

20/07/2020: A report about the Al-Mudhaybi Regional Survey appeared in UniReport (page 21) of the Goethe University.

05/06/2020: The German-Omani Association funds information boards for visitors to Al-Khashbah.

22/04/2020: Data of Bat, Al-Zebah, Al-Ayn and Al-Khubayb are published in FDAT research data repository.

30/03/2020: A virtuel tour through the exhibition "The Archaeological Heritage of the Al-Mudhaybi District" can be found here.

21/11/2019: A report on the 2017 and 2018 excavations in Al-Khashbah has been published in the recent edition of MDOG.

21/05/2019: Al-Khashbah is on the front cover of the latest issue of Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy.

31/10/2018:  The first volume of the series Arabia Orientalis titled Beyond Tombs and Towers, edited by Stephanie Döpper, has been released.

21/08/2018:  Four articles from the Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies are now available as Open Access downloads.

11/06/2018:  On the Seminar for Arabian Studies 2018 in London in August there will be a paper about Al-Khashbah with the latest excavation results and analyses on various groups of findings.

10/05/2018:  3D-models of small finds from Bat have been added to the website.

25/02/2018: Local newspapers, like Muscat Daily and Gulf News, report on the start of the field season at Al-Khashbah.

10/01/2018:  In the Mitteilungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft 149 our report on the 2015 and 2016 field seasons has been published.

15/11/2017:  The website ArchaeOman officially launched.